Full Scrubbing Coverage For Hard To Reach Places!

Introducing Shimmy Scrub

Shimmy Scrub is the soft and stretchy, dual-sided body scrubber that quickly and easily scrubs your body clean! The secret is Shimmy Scrub has over a thousand soft, micro-bristles that are specially designed to gently exfoliate skin while removing dirt, oil, and dry dead skin for a healthier, smoother glow. Simply add your favorite soap or body wash onto Shimmy Scrub and scrub your entire body for a refreshing, satisfying, and deep cleansing clean! Shimmy Scrub is great for getting those hard to reach areas like the back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and even your feet! Use the other side for an exhilarating massage! The large, massage beads naturally reinvigorate skin while helping to promote blood circulation and relaxation. Best of all, Shimmy Scrub is made of an advanced super stretchy material that resists odors and easily rinses clean. Simply hang it to dry and it’s ready to use for next time!

Give Your Whole Body A Deep Clean!
  • Hang to Dry
  • Bacteria Resistant
Hang to Dry Bacteria Resistant
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